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Our brand's uniqueness lies in our dedication to prioritize our pets' well-being and opt for nutritious, high-quality treats made from all-natural human-grade ingredients that meets the highest nutritional needs.

Lick You Silly Pet Products is dedicated to fostering a community that celebrates pet love by

offering high-quality, USDA-approved, freeze-dried treats crafted in the USA.

We are a dynamic, innovative brand in the pet industry, founded five years ago to meet the need for high-quality dog treats. We prioritize all-natural, USA-made products without compromise, and our values revolve around transparency, community engagement, and celebrating the bond between pets and their owners.

 What truly sets us apart is our energetic approach, radiating a vibrant and positive spirit throughout the pet industry. This, combined with our relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to push boundaries and explore new possibilities continually.

Our vision is to lead in premium dog treats, continually setting the bar high for nutrition, taste, and overall well-being. We're dedicated to you, our customers we’re forging a distinctive path in the pet industry.

Our brand will be celebrated not only for its exceptional award-winning treats but for its ability to infuse happiness, fun, and excitement into the lives of pets and their owners.

Get ready for a ride filled with wiggly butts, hilarious barks, and treats so good, they'll have your pet doing backflips (figuratively, of course!). 🐾😂

Get set for a treatventure of epic proportions! 🚀🐶

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