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Unleash Joy with Lick You Silly: Love, Laugh, Connect, Give!

At Lick You Silly, our boundless love for dogs propels us on a mission to create joy and make a positive impact in our community. We extend an invitation to you, embracing our shared love for our furry companions and the happiness they bring.


Feel the warmth of our love through our impactful donation program, directed towards local shelters. By providing premium pet products, we ensure that every dog receives the care and attention they deserve.


Join in the laughter at our lively events like "Puppy Pop Licktopia." Immerse yourself in the therapeutic joy of spending quality time with adorable puppies. In a recent event, over 100 participants enjoyed heartwarming cuddle sessions with our furry friends.


In collaboration with partners like Hampton House Galleria, Fashionable Pets, and Artisans Gallery Pop-Up, we co-hosted the heartening "Cuddle and Snuggle at Puppy Event." This initiative brought free cuddle sessions with puppies to elderly residents at a local convalescent home, spreading joy and promoting health benefits.


Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we organized the uplifting "Virtual Puppy Pop Family Dance Party." Featuring DJ Sassy and dog-themed trivia, this virtual extravaganza provided families and their pets with a much-needed dose of fun and stress relief on Black Friday and Christmas Eve.

Additionally, our "Licked Silly with Kindness" campaign and community event with "Lick You Silly Treats" exemplify our commitment to kindness. Every act, whether big or small, contributes to creating a compassionate and brighter world.

More than a business, we take pride in being a dedicated force for positive change in our local community. Fueled by a deep love for dogs, we continually explore innovative ways to connect, laugh, and give back, nurturing a spirit of kindness and joy.

Join us in our mission! Together, let's share love, laughter, connection, and kindness. Make a positive impact—one wagging tail at a time.

Drop us a line if you would like to collaborate with us!