At Lick You Silly, We Know Your Dog Is Part Of The Family

When it comes to feeding your furry friend, you want to make sure they are getting the best possible nutrition. Many commercially produced dog treats can lead to stomach issues because they are full of artificial ingredients and preservatives. This can make it difficult to know exactly what your dog is eating.

That is why we are committed to using only natural, wholesome ingredients in our treats.

Our freeze-dried treats have just one ingredient ― MEAT!

They are free from artificial flavors, preservatives, dyes, by-products, grains, gluten, chemicals, hormones, synthetics, or antibiotics.

This makes them safe for even the most sensitive tummies.So, you can rest assured that when you give your dog a Lick You Silly treat, you are giving them something healthy and delicious.

We understand your dog is family and we appreciate everything you do for your furry friend!Here’s to being a devoted pet parent!

Xoxo, Lick You Silly Team


Harry can't get enough Lick You Silly treats! Because they're all natural, I feel good about giving these treats to my dog. Not to mention, he can't seem to get enough. He likes the Beef but LOVES the chicken!

Venus W.

The box arrived yesterday...Apollo loves packages, and when he realized that it was filled with treats for him, no one had to say, "Sit." He was in position to receive! After the first bite, he was IN LOVE! He followed every family member around, "sitting" at random time, with what appeared to be a hope for more! I think we are going to run out of these treats VERY QUICKLY! Good thing I purchased two bags (which are larger that I thought). The treats are a pretty nice size as well...I was expecting a smaller bag and item. These treats are great for the little dogs...and big dogs, like my 70 pounder!

Regina H.

As soon as I opened the bag, my 2 year old dog Jake went wild! He recognized the bright orange bag and greeted it like it was an old friend he hadn't seen in years!!

Out of all the treats we tried when we were training him, the only one he responded to was Yum Yum. Almost made me want to try one myself!!

Vivian C.

Nova’s favorite treats are by far her lick you silly treats. Every time she sees me grab a bag she gets so excited. She absolutely loves them, and I can feel good about giving her treats that are healthy for her!

Kendell W.

My dogs really enjoy the chicken treats. Thank you for the great customer service and for providing great quality products!

Tomoko M.

My dog love love loves them!!! Delivery and customer service is amazing, generous and extremely helpful. Will continue to buy this product.


We have a new puppy, and bought these at our breeders suggestion. She loves them!

Deborah S.

My puppy loves these treats! I typically cut them into smaller pieces and it's perfect for him!

Jessie T.

I'm licked silly with my FAVORITE treats. Nothing stands between me and my Lick You Silly treats!!!

Derrick G & Parker