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The Best Dog Training Treats That Will Make Your Dog Lick You Silly

The Best Dog Training Treats That Will Make Your Dog Lick You Silly

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could use the best dog training treats to teach your fur baby to sit in 30 days or less?

Is it possible for our four-legged friends to learn new tricks at an older age? With the best dog treats for training, learning almost anything is possible at any age. Enticing snacks are the key to motivating your pooch to practice.

It is so easy to do that you can learn how in the next few minutes!

Is it Bad to Train a Dog with Treats?

Many people hesitate to use food as a reward for good behavior. Isn’t praise enough? Maybe for some dogs, but most pets are more motivated by tasty snacks.

It’s important to use praise whenever possible, but don’t underestimate the power of their senses.

Here is the real truth about dog training.

The fastest and easiest way to train your doggy is to use treats. Rewarding your hound for a behavior you want encourages them to repeat it. They will work hard for praise and especially for tasty snacks.

Why does this work?

Dog training with treats is a reward-based technique using positive reinforcement. Instead of emphasizing unwanted behaviors with negative emotion, you do the opposite.

Getting rewarded for good behavior helps your pup learn faster while both of you have more fun.

What is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Using anything positive as a reward for good behavior is positive dog training. It is one of the most powerful tools in teaching your tail-wagger tricks or changing their actions.

By the way, this works great for humans too. Do you remember when you got a sticker after a dental checkup? That was a reward for making it through the appointment without any problems.

Dogs don’t care about stickers, but they do love their edibles. Every time your canine gets a treat as a reward for a behavior, they are more likely to repeat it. Enough repetition will turn it into a new habit.

Why Use Good Dog Training Treats?

It can be tough for your puppy to understand how to behave. Even the healthiest dog training treats are something they will work for. You can also deliver them fast.

It is also a great way to bond and build trust. Your pooch will love training with you when you become the source of all good things.

Hand-feeding your pup can also teach them bite inhibition. They will learn to be gentle with their teeth around people.

So, when you are training your puppy to sit when guests arrive, have a few little treats ready to go!

How to Train Your Dog to Sit Using Treats

If your pooch is still learning how to sit on command, use the best training treats to first lure them into sitting. Hold the treat close to their nose moving it slowly back over their head. They will naturally want to hold their nose up to follow the treat.

Once their nose goes up, their behind will go down. As soon as their rear end hits the ground, give them a treat. Start adding the word “sit” in a calm voice as you repeat the process.

Practice this for a few minutes daily until they learn the “sit” command. This will help you both be ready before your next guests arrive at the door. Make sure you have treats ready to go though. New people can be exciting and very distracting.

Use a treat to get your pups attention to refocus. Make sure to reward them immediately after each repetition.

Now that you see how easy it is to train a dog, what are the best treats for dog training?

What Treats to Use When Dog Training

Healthy dog training treats that are irresistible to your pet work best. Here are a few tips to help you train using treats with success.

1. Use small dog treats for training. Immediate rewards will help you build momentum in your training sessions. Little soft treats with less chewing involved provide instant feedback.

Treats that take too long to chew or break into pieces on the floor will delay your progress. Try not to fill them up or your training session may be over sooner than you want.

2. Shake things up. Keep a variety of treats on hand. Giving the same type of treat every time can make your pup bored. Fight boredom with fun! Help your pooch stay excited by using an assortment of different flavors.

3. Check the ingredients. Good nutrition is important for your dog too. Avoid a long list of ingredients using words that are hard to pronounce. Stay all-natural to keep it as wholesome and healthy as possible.

4. Make sure they are safe. Again, treats with all-natural ingredients and made in the USA are best. Avoid chemicals and xylitol which is harmful to dogs.

5. Think about portability. Treats that are easy to put in your pocket are always a good idea. It makes it easier to go on walks and experience new adventures together.

6. Protect their digestive health. Dogs with food sensitivities need special treats. This will prevent them from throwing up while you are training. 

Feeling sick is no fun for your pup and it’s counterproductive. Your hound will learn a negative association with training and become less interested.

Are you excited to start training?

What are the Best Dog Training Treats?

Here are 2 of the best treats for training dogs that are healthy, safe, and tasty. Get ready to spoil your pooch with these soft, nutritious, and yummy snacks.

1. Lick You Silly Savory Beefy Bites

2. Lick You Silly Chicken Treats

Why Choose Lick You Silly Dog Treats?

Lick You Silly is a lifestyle brand built on love and kindness. Both flavors are excellent high-value dog treats. Besides being “paw-lickin-lip-smackin” good, here are a few more reasons why they are worth a try.

  • Made in the USA with 100% premium USDA-inspected beef or chicken
  • High in lean proteins and low in calories and fat
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives, grains, gluten, chemicals, hormones, artificial dyes, byproducts, synthetics, or antibiotics making them completely safe for consumption
  • Freeze-dried requiring no refrigeration for easy portability
  • Small, soft, and easy on the tummy for digestion

These grain-free training treats are so scrumptious that even the toughest tricks will get easier faster. The best part is they won’t fill your puppy up too soon or make a mess. They have become everyone’s favorite healthy training treats for dogs that get results.

How Many Treats Should I Give My Dog a Day?

Try giving 2-4 treats per day for small breeds, 4-6 for medium breeds, and 6-8 for large breeds.

How Many Treats Should I Give My Dog While Training?

Break up 2-6 treats per session depending on the size of your dog. Use the above guidelines to help. At first, it may be easier to have two short training sessions per day. Then, move to one longer session over time.

Are you ready to get started?

With the right type of puppy training treats, your four-footer can learn almost anything quickly. Remember to use positive puppy training every day! 

By the way, did you know that you can find Lick You Silly treats on Amazon and Walmart? You betcha! It’s now easier than ever to have the best training treats for dogs delivered right to your door.

Now it’s your turn. What treats make your dog lick you silly? Do they have a favorite flavor? What motivates them to learn new tricks? Please share in the comments!